Animal Protection Tips and Consideration to Note During Halloween Season


There are special events every year that just can’t be avoided and need to be celebrate One of these days is Halloween. Pets should be taken into careful consideration to secure their safety. Since animals have a high chance of being harmed during the Halloween season, we’ll discuss some key points to consider.

In general, it’s wise to keep cats and dogs inside and out of harm’s way. Halloween unfortunately, is a time where pranksters are on the prowl, so you’ll want to keep animals, especially cats, well away from potential trouble. Also, animal protection facilities will refrain from adopting out black cats for this very reason during the period leading up to Halloween. Learn more about Animal Advocacy by doing some additional research online.

Aside from the cats that should be kept indoors, dogs should also be kept inside even if you’re tempted to bring dogs along for trick or treating. Stress can result from unusual sounds and the unusual clothes that people will be wearing. In addition, mischief makers are likely to be out and about and again, better safe than sorry when it comes to your pets. Instead, keep your dogs safe at home and occupied with the best dog toys you can find.

It’s important that pets be kept inside, specifically a room that is far from commotion. This will protect both children who come to your door trick or treating as well as your dog. A frightened dog may bite an unfamiliar child who come to your dog instinctively out of fear.

Another important precaution is to keep all forms of candy and other treats well out of reach of your pets, especially dogs. Items such as chocolate and the artificial sweetener, xylatol are particularly poisonous to dogs. Look up Animal Advocacy to learn more.

These few simple precautions will keep your pets safe during the Halloween season and assure that it’s a fun time for all — pets and humans alike!

Find out more about animal rights by going to


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